Work-Life Balance, A Poem.

As I sit here on this plane,

My body sinking lower, completely drained.

I recap the week filled with meetings and due dates,

Happy Hours, dinners, staying up way too late.

Constantly being “on” with no time to think,

I haven’t seen my friends in weeks and I need a drink!

Trying to fit a workout into this long day,

Getting seven hours of sleep or else my brain will pay.

I have to do this, no I need to do that,

Committees, volunteering, sports- what’s up with ALL of that?

Always on the move with social obligations or work,

Trying to find a balancing act without being some kind of jerk.

All of this pressure just to be known,

Even keeping up with the news is a job of its own.

Time is a mirage, a great idea it seems,

With days flying by I think I just might scream.

They say “sleep when you’re dead” but I can’t miss a beat,

Tomorrow’s another day- detox, retox, repeat . . .


Heather Chambers

Heather Chambers

Heather fell in love with the PNW 3 years ago after she moved from the east coast. She is not shy to try new adventures and say hello to every pup that crosses her path. Heather's goal in life is to meet as many people as she can and hear their amazing story.
Heather Chambers

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