Top 10 Weekend Destinations – Driving Distance from Seattle!

Fall is in full swing folks! The leaves are turning, Halloween costumes are making their appearance and oh…football season has started (it’s really hard to pick which one of these is best). Sometimes these shorter days make us all want to enjoy what daylight there is to offer or just curl up binge-watching Netflix and drinking loads of (spiked) cider. Either way, you can’t go wrong right?

However, the fact that the snow rain showers aren’t quite in full swing yet, means that there is still a chance to do some weekend traveling! Weekend getaways in the PNW (Pacific Northwest if you’re unfamiliar with this acronym) are easy to come by and difficult to say no to. Look at it this way, you can truly get the best of both worlds. Travel 2 to 3 hours to a fun new (or not so new) destination where you can then binge watch Netflix from the comfort of your weekend rental…and don’t forget the cider. That way you can get out but still have the option to stay in. See what we did there?

For these very reasons, we wanted to share 10 easy to access destinations from the Seattle area where the price is right and you don’t have to spend hours traveling there. No one said weekend travel had to be to Mexico or Hawaii.

Dun dun dun…let’s go.

Anacortes (anna-cortez)

We put this first on our list simply because it offers a base by which you can explore all the surrounding areas by foot or by car. With stunning views of the Olympics, this lovely little town is a gateway to numerous hikes in the surrounding area and ideal if you’re looking for a peaceful nature oasis without missing out on any convenience (aka grocery stores, restaurants etc.).


Located North of Seattle, this city is 13th largest (6th largest when you include the metro area) in the state of Washington and while being a college town, has a lot more to offer than student vibes. Whether it’s whale watching or taking a walk in one of Bellingham’s beautiful parks, you’re sure to find something both relaxing and enjoyable in this picturesque city.

Birch Bay

This is an ideal location if you’re looking for a weekend nature getaway. Located close to Bellingham, here you can find stay at Semiahmoo Resort, “a truly unforgettable getaway.” This is an ideal location to stroll along the beach, play some golf or relax in a spa, all while enjoying stunning views of the PNW (remember that acronym?)


This has nothing to do with the worth of leavening, or maybe it does, but for beer not bread. This little Bavarian-esque town tucked neatly against the Cascades will make you believe for a second you’re in a quaint European village. From German-themed restaurants to cute little shops, there is everything you need to enjoy a pleasant weekend in Europe, without spending $1,400 for a plane ticket!

Port Ludlow

If you’re not from Seattle, you probably haven’t heard of this place, but it’s worth the visit if you want a revitalizing, invigorating weekend. For the outdoor lover or not so outdoorsy lover, this place if for you. Located on the Olympic Peninsula, Port Ludlow is a miniature resort community that is a portal to activities from kayaking and golfing to sipping a mimosa overlooking the spectacular Olympic mountain range.

Suncadia Resort

Did someone say wine time? (Or isn’t it wine time all the time?) If you’re looking for a fun family getaway, this upscale resort is just what you need. This is an ideal location for any season. With hiking and golfing or ice skating during the colder months, this location will seem like you’ve escaped the city to a faraway destination without a worry in the world. And plus, did we mention the best part? There’s also an onsite winery!

Whidbey Island

It’s no joke, Deception Pass will have you crawling on hands and knees for those no so much about heights individuals out there, but once you’ve crossed this bridge onto the island, you’ll find it was worth the jitters! Just an hour from Seattle, you will find yourself in a delightful oasis with contra-city vibes. There’s plenty to do here with wineries interspersed throughout the countryside, lots of delicious places to eat and drink with an abundance of art galleries.


I mean, we had to right? Not everything you need to know about Portland is in Portlandia (although maybe they hit a few nails on the head), but we do encourage you to find out for yourself. As one of the “coolest” cities in the PNW, Portland is known for its distinctly chill vibe with so many tasty places to eat and drink that you may not be able to walk back to your car. What’s also cool about this place? You don’t even have to drive. You can also take the train!

Long Beach

Didn’t you know the famous Long Beach featuring Knott’s Berry Farm is located just three hours from Seattle? Ok…maybe it’s not the same Long Beach and while it doesn’t have a berry-themed amusement park, there is literally a long beach to enjoy. Long Beach is over 28 miles long, which if you were looking to train for a marathon, running along 28 miles of beach might do just the trick. However, if you’re more like us, you’ll enjoy one of the many local breweries this place has to offer and explore the different communities that are tucked along the beach. You can also try horse riding or rent a bike!

Mt. Saint Helens

Everyone knows about Mt. Rainer, but what isn’t talked about as much is the stunning Mt. Saint Helens (yes she’s the one that blew her top just over 30 years ago). More unique to this area than any others mentioned in this article are the Ape Caves, lava tubes that you can hike through! Don’t worry, we don’t anticipate any eruptions in the near future. This spot is ideal if you want to avoid the crowds, but enjoy hiking and relaxing in nature, with a beautiful view of course.



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