YPOS Tries….Paddleboard Yoga!

Yoga is one of our favorite activities; it’s relaxing, mindful and gets us back to our center.  Paddleboarding is perfect for the active person, by using a surfboard look alike and paddling with paddles, you can take a motor-free adventure in basically most bodies of water. What you might not expect is that these two activities, when done together, would be a perfect match.

For this YPOS tries article we participated in Paddleboard Yoga! Our first impression of Paddleboard Yoga was that it might be pretty difficult causing most of us (novice at both) to fall off or not be able to complete any of the yoga moves, we were wrong.

We, Frank Macri, Sarah Fauquet, Ben Warren and I set out onto Greenlake to meet our yogi, paddleboard extraordinaire, Jill Jaques of “Sup Yoga Seattle”.  Jill briefed us on how to paddle/hold our paddles and what we were to expect once we were on the water.  We were then handed our own paddleboards, life jacket, paddles and anchor (this being one of the most important parts) and off we went into the swimmer, kayak heavy lake. 

We paddled out calmer waters not more than a 10 min paddle from the dock (thank you downwind), quickly got comfortable and set our anchors down forming a makeshift circle around each other.  Jill checked each one of our boards and we were ready to get started.

As you might have guessed our first yoga position was breathing with our legs crossed, followed by Shavasana – a pose used in yoga, where you lie down flat on your back, close your eyes and set your intentions for this practice.  This ended up being my favorite move, not only because we got to fully relax, but there was something serene and calming about lying down on the board, feeling a light breeze and allowing the water to rock you back and forth.

From there we got to practice our yoga moves, either on our knees (a beginner pose for people new to paddleboard yoga), or fully standing.  We allowed our arms to stretch to the sky or kept them steady on the board, whatever felt more natural and stable.   We all agreed it was a little easier than we had anticipated, even the more challenging moves.  I will add a quick note, in our group there were 3 other people, one of those people (whom we did not know) did fall off her board.  No worries there, she gained ‘badass’ points from the group as she quickly jumped back on the board, had a quick laugh and continued to participate.

We completed the yoga moves, said “namaste” and as I looked around I could see a smile on each person’s face.  To me, that is the definition of a successful activity! We had a great time giggling when one person almost fell off (and totally embraced it), enjoyed the elusive vitamin D and of course, exercising in a really unique way.  Side note: there were plenty of people who were on land who had stopped to take pictures of us and watch.  I think that’s how you know you are doing a pretty cool activity, can you say FOMO?

 For anyone who wants to try this activity you will have to do it soon, once the weather changes, it’s no fun to be on the paddleboard.  Use code “YPOS” to get 10% (this offer expires Sept 10th). 



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