Journey to 25 Hikes
and 100 Miles Part 5:

The Year of Exploration
and Mountain Climbing

What a year it has been! 2018, you were the year of self-reflection and exploration by way of the most beautiful hikes through Pacific Northwest!

My goal coming into 2018 was to do 25 hikes and a total of 100 miles. And guess what, it took 328 days to accomplish. But I did it! I did it with the help of a lot of friends and family along the way.

Cold Creek Trail | Photo Cred: Taylor Shimizu

Hiking and being in the great outdoors has led me to see more of the beauty and nature that Washington State has to offer; ranging from the Olympic Peninsula, North Bend and Snoqualmie, to the Mountain Loop Highway. I’ve uncovered the gorgeous snow capped mountains and the hidden alpine lakes full of turquoise blue waters.

Mailbox Peak | Photo Cred Taylor Shimizu

Being outdoors, on a Pacific Northwest hike, and away from the city… you get to breathe fresh air, get some good exercise, and really spend quality time with friends or family, because there’s just about no cell service! You can be one with nature and reflect on the year, life, and de-stress.

Now some of these hikes were very tough – snow hikes without snowshoes or poles, scaling over 4,000 feet in elevation gain, and feeling your legs tremble from the burn. But the views at the end of each hike was well worth the pain. After a hike you just feel so accomplished! If you’ve followed my crazy journey through the year here’s my final list (177 miles!): 

  1. Rattlesnake Ledge to East Peak: 6.5 miles
  2. Granite Creek Trail to Granite Lakes: 11.5 miles
  3. Teneriffe Falls: 7.5 miles
  4. South County Park: 2 miles
  5. Poo Poo Point: 5 miles
  6. Mount Si: 8 miles
  7. Wallace Falls State Park: 12 miles
  8. Olympic Adventure Trail: 7.5 miles
  9. Mailbox Peak: 12 miles
  10. Cathedral Falls: 2 miles
  11. Lake 22: 7 miles
  12. Mt Catherine: 4 miles
  13. Ira Springs to Mason Lake: 7 miles
  14. Tonga Ridge to Mt Sawyer: 8 miles
  15. Cherry Creek Falls: 6 miles
  16. Snow Lake: 7 miles
  17. Annette Lake: 8 miles
  18. Lake Serene: 8 miles
  19. Heather Lake: 6 miles
  20. Margaret Lake: 6 miles
  21. Bandera Mountain: 8 miles
  22. Gold Creek Ridge: 2 miles
  23. Talapus and Olallie Lakes: 7 miles
  24. Dirty Harry Peak: 11 miles
  25. Mt Washington: 4 miles
  26. Echo Mountain: 4 miles


Snowlake | Photo Cred Taylor Shimizu

Get out and see what’s in our own backyard! Almost all of the hikes are within an hour or two drive of Seattle! Make sure you have a car that can withstand potholes and maybe some snow.

Friendly advice: buy an annual Northwest Forest Pass AND Discover Pass! It’s well worth it the $35 (each) a year!

Day pack essentials: wallet/ID, water, snacks, toilet paper, extra socks, light jacket, and a good pair of hiking shoes!

If you’re stuck trying to find a hike check out the Washington Trails Association.

Tonga Ridge | Photo Cred Taylor Shimizu

My goal for 2019 is 20 hikes and 150 miles. Some must hikes are Mt Pilchuck, Tolmie Peak, Hurricane Ridge, and the Enchantments.

FYI, “entrance fee-free” day is Jan. 21st! Reach out if you need any advice on hikes, or need a hiking partner!

This is part 5 of a 5 part series on hikes in the Pacific Northwest. Read the entire series here.

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