Lit On Lit: An Enhanced Virtual Writing Workshop

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Lit On Lit: An Enhanced Virtual Writing Workshop

April 9 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


What’s the best way to deal with staying inside during this quarantine? Explore inside your own heart, mind, body, and soul through writing!

Join our two facilitators, cannabis coach, Victor Ung from Human Up, and a cannabis blogger/educator, Heather Dagley from Bud & Blossom in using this newfound time to learn more about ourselves and how to be with the many different emotions we’re all feeling right now. Video and audio participation is optional!

Feel free to (optionally) enhance your experience and creativity with your favorite alcoholic beverage, or cannabis! 21+ only. You can also prepare your favorite tea, evening coffee or whatever else you do to get you in the zone.

This event is donation-based to improve accessibility. A part of our mission is to provide more spaces for humans to connect with one another on a deeper level, both in-person and online, and to encourage prioritizing our individual mental and emotional well-being. Suggested donation is $20, the minimum is $1. Please feel no shame to donate what you can. Every dollar counts.


  • Introductions from our facilitators

  • Connect with everyone

  • Overview of writing prompts

  • Writing exercises

  • Reflect and share your insights

Your donation will go to:

  • Each of the facilitators’ small businesses to continue providing this support for free or low-cost

We plan to host events like this in-person once it is safe to do so again. This will be an important platform for sponsors and partners to be involved with in promoting. Contact if you’d like to become an official sponsor for future events!

**Why cannabis?**

Cannabis has been used by ancient cultures for millennia as herbal medicine. Even in America, hemp was used by early colonists for textiles and rope. It’s only in this last century that cannabis became banned and developed this stigma as a dangerous narcotic because of political and racial factors.

When used in conjunction with mindful practices like meditation, yoga, and journaling, cannabis can heal us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Of course, cannabis is still a drug. And like any drug (i.e. coffee, alcohol, pharmaceuticals) it can be overused. Some studies have shown cannabis to have habit-forming, addictive qualities with heavy-use, which may cause withdrawal for some. For that reason, it’s all the more important to educate ourselves around this plant and to frame our intentions around why we’re using cannabis so it can provide more benefit than harm. Please consume responsibly.

About Heather Dagley: Heather is a cannabis writer and budtender who writes about the benefits of intentional cannabis use on her blog, Bud & Blossom. Heather shares how she has used cannabis and self-care to achieve optimal self-connection, health, and happiness – and how you can, too! You can find Heather’s blog at and follow her on Instagram @bud_n_blossom.

About Victor Ung: Victor is a Cannabis Wellness Coach and Certified Life Coach. He specializes in Emotional Intelligence for early-stage entrepreneurs and professionals who want to get out of their heads and into their hearts, while finding the next steps in building fulfilling lives, work, and relationships. Victor is also a speaker, writer, and host of the Human Up podcast where he geeks out about technology, psychology, emotional health, and cannabis wellness. He loves podcasting, traveling, flying his drone, snowboarding, camping in national parks, gaming, meditating, and playing host. You can find him at and follow his Instagram at @_victorung.


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