Create A Pain-Free Workout Program

You  read  that  correctly.  Creating  a  pain-free  fitness  program  is  much simpler  than you  may  believe.  It  really  takes  a  simple  paradigm  shift.   Many  fitness  professionals  may  claim  they  have  the one  and  only program  that’s  going  to  propel  you    into  the  peak  fitness  stratosphere. 

If  I  may be  honest,  that  is  absolute  b.s.  The  reality is, proper programming coupled  with  sound  nutrition  (which  we  will  get  into  in  another  article)  yields  the  results  you  want depending  on  what  your  goals  are.  The  one  non-negotiable  in  all  intelligent  fitness programming  is  the  off-set  of  movement  patterns. 

Now  what  exactly  do  I  mean  by off-setting  movement  patterns?
Off-set  movement  patterns  simply  means  this:  Anytime  you  press  (Bench  Press)  you pull  ( Seated  Cable  Row).  Anytime  you  press  overhead  (  Barbell  Press)  you  pull (chin-up).  If  you  Deadlift…..guess  what?  You  Squat.  Having  this  balance  of  Horizontal Press  with  Horizontal  Pull,  Vertical  Press  with  Vertical  Pull,  Lower Body  Pull  with Lower Body Press  will  more  times  than  not  ensure  that  you  will  be  keep  a  proper balance  of  all  movements.  This  is  a  large  component  to  pain-free  programming. 

The last part  that  ties  in Pain-Free  Programming is  implementing  proper  flexibility and  mobility  movements  which  we  will  absolutely  cover  in  future  Flow Fitness Articles.  Until  then,  think  about  off-setting  movements  and  how  you  can  implement them  in  your  programming  going  forward!



Since 2013 Mack has had the pleasure of working with a wide range of individuals, from youth and high school athletes discovering their athletic prowess, to college and professional athletes looking to become bigger, faster, and stronger for their upcoming competitive season.Further, Mack has trained weekend warriors and individuals looking to improve their physical performance, as well as change their body composition or overcome injuries.