Businesses and People, Not So Different After All

This is a guest post by Ian Anderson, CEO of Zoetic Wellbeing courtesy of Founders Live.

Hello Founders and entrepreneursYou are not your business, but you might have more in common than you realize.

People and businesses have a number of similarities but I am going to focus on one, well-being. In order to thrive, the state of well-being is a strong indicator of success.

Human well-being is comprised of eight different domains:

Physical, EmotionalSocialIntellectualEnvironmentalSpiritual (meaning/purpose)Financial, and Occupational.

As humans, if we do not make the effort to develop a healthy relationship^ with each of these different domains we will never truly thrive, not to our greatest potential. ^Please notice the word “relationship”, well-being is not a have or have not situation, it is a relationship of discovery and growth. It is also important to understand that the state of a domain can impact one or more of the others.

Humans tend to be very quick to look outside themselves for both the problem and the solution.

Businesses can be looked at in terms of the same eight domains for an indication of success. A key difference between businesses and people are that businesses have progressed more than humans in many ways. If a business is struggling in one or more of these domains it is common that we look for the answer/problem within the business, not the outside world, and then put in place processes to rectify the issue. Humans tend to be very quick to look outside themselves for both the problem and the solution. Many people don’t realize that a considerable number of the issues that we face can be further understood and solved by looking deeper into these domains. For example: If I am out of money, perhaps my relationship with money needs attention. Some ways to do this could be to re-evaluate my spending habits, setup a budget/savings plan, etc. The same process can be done with a business.

To better understand the domains and what they refer to click on the link below.

Explanation of domains (if you don’t want to read the full article, scroll halfway down.)

I want to challenge you in two ways today:

  • If you don’t yet, try to think of your business as a living organism with a state of well-being that requires a regular relationship in order to thrive.
  • Try to consider your own state of well-being, and understand the impact that your state of well-being can have on your health, happiness, family, business, success, and overall life satisfaction.

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