YPOS Tries… Bungee Workout Class

Staying healthy and fit is important for YPOS’ers! However, doing the same workout each day can be boring and monotonous.  We went on the hunt for some workouts that breaks us out of our workout rut! For our “YPOS Tries” article, we participated in Coreo Fitness, a bungee workout class perfect for anyone looking to mix up their workout routine in a unique way!

Coreo Fitness originates from Thailand and was developed just two years ago. The founder took inspiration from circus acrobatic performances and created an everyday workout program that utilizes the bungee cord as a resistance tool for a high-cardio, core-strengthening, and lower-impact workout. It‘s has been growing in popularity over the past two years, and it is currently taught at over 45 studios worldwide. Recently, Coreo Fitness opened up in the Queen Anne neighborhood, the first of its kind in the US.  So, for our ‘YPOS Tries’ article, we invited 8 YPOS members to join in (or us) for a Coreo Fitness class.

Upon arrival, the teachers warmed us up by doing planks, push-ups, stretching and jumping jacks.  Then the fun began! They got us attached to the bungees and the instructor started to give us a feel for a bungee workout.  We learned basic moves and built off of those to complete a full routine at the end of the one-hour workout.  We squatted, spun around, and flew through the air, so fun!

For anyone looking to mix up their workout, routine Coreo Fitness does not disappoint. All YPOS’ers who participated agreed the workout was not only fun but also got our hearts racing.  Coreo Fitness is offering all YPOS’ers at 15% discount on all bungee pass packages, promo code: “YPOS15” (this offer expires December 31st, 2018).

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