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  • Loop Networking – Industrious | Bellevue

    Please join us @ Industrious Dec. 19th for a networking event conveniently located on the Eastside. Loop Networking is not only a place to network but the perfect environment for local businesses to showcase their products/services. Event Agenda: 5:30-7:00 | NO business talk. 7:00-8:30 | Business talk ALLOWED to set follow-up appointments. 5:30-8:30 | Happy hour specials for all! We look forward to networking and keeping

    19 Dec, 2018
  • YP Impact Volunteer Event Recap: Providing a Beacon of Hope with Samaritan

    As you know, Young Professionals of Seattle recently launched a new division: YP Impact in partnership with the United Way of King County’s Emerging Leaders program. Each quarter, we focus on a different area of need. Each quarter is further broken down by month. During month 1 we create awareness; month 2 we volunteer or do

    12 Dec, 2018
  • Walk With, Not By… Humanizing the Homeless

    At the intersection of 6th and Columbia in downtown Seattle, Edward, a physically imposing man, gruffly covered with tattoos, ballcap and coats, holds a sign seeking help. Twenty minutes goes by, not a single response to the sign. This is a story all too common. A homeless person sits with a sign or their belongings,

    12 Dec, 2018
  • YPOS Tries… Bungee Workout Class

    Staying healthy and fit is important for YPOS’ers! However, doing the same workout each day can be boring and monotonous.  We went on the hunt for some workouts that breaks us out of our workout rut! For our “YPOS Tries” article, we participated in Coreo Fitness, a bungee workout class perfect for anyone looking to

    12 Dec, 2018


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