YPOS Tries…Hot Tub Boating!

Each summer Seattleites flock to the beaches, water, trails, anything to breathe in and enjoy that perfect summer air and breeze.  It’s in this spirit that our weekends, and after work hours, would feel disrespected if you hadn’t found a relaxing, fun, or adventurous activity!

So, it’s time to get ‘trying’! We have compiled the most fun, exhausting and sometimes scary activities for us (and you) to experience, one at a time.  Read through this review and eventually, use the discount listed at the end of this article to try it yourselves!

This month we tried, Hot Tub Boats!  I found out about this company a couple of years ago, in what I can only remember as a list of “fun, obscure activities you should try”.  My first knee jerk reaction was that it seemed a bit ‘kitschy’ and maybe not the best for an unusually hot summer day in Seattle; after all, why would you want to be in a hot tub when it is hot? Well…I am a full convert!  

Let me explain…  

The day I picked wasn’t perfect, it was an overcast, typical ‘beginning of summer’ day in Seattle.  Getting dressed for a boat seemed silly as I had put on a bathing suit, shorts, a jacket, hat and a little sunscreen (just on my face). A little cold, I made my way to the boat dock and arrived to a perfectly ready (clean) hot tub boat! All I needed to do is sign some forms and wait for my 5 other friends to join.  We proceeded to get a brief instructional on how to use the boat (think joy stick meets electrical boat) and off we went.  

For all of you speed fanatics out there, this boat was not going to win any races but it was going to ensure you didn’t crash into anything or accidentally speed off into the sunset, throwing most your naval passengers overboard. The boat was safe, easy to navigate and provided water sealed compartments and Bluetooth speakers for your favorite boating tunes.  Throughout the two-hour tour, each one of us spent some time in the hot tub portion of the boat and/or sitting outside the outer rim of the boat. The water stayed hot and accordingly, because of all of these factors, we enjoyed ourselves a lot!

So I am sure you are thinking, how was your overall experience? Well… it was really great. Once we docked, we all mentioned how relaxed we felt after being outside on the lake AND in a hot tub (it really relaxes those muscles).  Not only do we recommend this for your future bachelorette/bachelor parties, girl’s night, random sunset cruise, etc… Any reason to experience this will be well worth your while!

Hot Tub Boats fills up quickly (year round) so us the discount code ‘YPOS’ for 10% off (expiring July, 6th) reserve your spot today. You can thank us later!

 Live action shots from our actual ride 

Jamie Shindler

Jamie Shindler

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